Hello everyone! IM BACK! I had my second (and last) baby August 2015, and took a year to focus on breastfeeding. Now that the year of breastfeeding is up, I'm back to my running! I cant wait to run a FULL marathon, but look forward to my races along the way!

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Do you challengeville?

A friend of mine on instagram told be about a program called Challengeville. At first I was so confused as to what it was, but once i learned, I was so excited and just had to join!
Challengeville is a program started by Bart Pierce (read his story here!) where each individual selects their challenge distance and runs those miles within that month. It doesn't have to be all in one run, just within that month. I signed up for the first and "easiest" challenge of 26.5 miles for the month of September 2016.

When the first of the month started, I was finishing my mile a day challenge and starting my 2 Mile every other day challenge. Throughout the month I was able to complete this challenge by running my 2 miles every other day, running a mile on my off day and occasionally running a little more than 2 miles!

I was able to run 33 Miles in the month of September!

I even got a finisher certificate!

Now for the month of October I have signed up for the next challenge, The Timefighter - 48 miles!

You can sign up for a challengeville challenge here but you have to do it before the beginning of the month!


2 Miles Every Other Day until 30 miles reached

Now That I finished the mile a day challenge, I wanted to move on to something a bit different. 2 miles every other day until i ran 30 miles. I have a very small running group where we all hold each other accountable and post our workouts for the day. This is a big help because it almost forces me to stick to my challenges. Check out my progress!

A Mile A Day for 30 Days

Hello everyone! IM BACK! I had my second (and last) baby August 2015, and took a year to focus on breastfeeding. Now that the year of breastfeeding is up, I'm back to my running! I cant wait to run a FULL marathon, but look forward to my races along the way! On August 6th i started the 30 day mile challenge that I have featured on here in the past, where I run a mile a day for 30 days. Today I am on day 17! My time has been improving but unfortunately I've been suffering through a weak body which I'm in the process of working with my doctors and testing to figure out whats going on! In the mean time, I'm just trying my best to keep my motivation and complete this challenge! If you're interested in joining this challenge, let me know! I have a small private group of 16ish ladies that are doing this challenge with me! They are all on different days but extremely motivated! I'm lucky enough to have my friend Kimberly to have started this the same day as me and she has been awesome through it all. Follow me on instagram for the daily updates!

I always like to kick start my fitness with a mile a day for 30 day challenge. It helps me become commited, start a routine, and get my body ready for running. Check out what I've done so far:

Color Run 2015

Although I was pregnant, I wasnt a COMPLETE couch potato! I ran a color run with my family! Ok, so i didnt Runnnnn per say...i kind of sped walked while pushing a stroller. 


6 mile run

I have not been running too much lately and I am very upset about it, but I started back running a couple days ago and I still plan to do a marathon before the year is up! I have a couple 5ks scheduled for next month that I'm so looking forward to! One is a color run and the other is a glow run!
A couple days ago, Liz over at  New Mom Body motivated me to do some marathon training with her. I did 6 miles today, which is a HUGE deal for me! I have to admit, I walked more than i care to admit, but I did it! I completed 6 miles. I thought for sure I could at least average a 10 minute mile, but instead I averaged a 15 minute mile and finished my 6 miles in 1:30 exactly. I wanted to give up so badly but I didnt. At mile 2, and mile 4 I wanted to just go home and sit in my air conditioning. I wanted to give up, but I kept hearing a voice in my head saying "don't give up, you'll regret it"...or maybe that was my husband who was running with me, encouraging me the whole time. I agreed to do this with Liz, and for me, when I make a commitment I have to stick with it no matter what! I owed it to her, I told her I'd do it! Thanks Liz so much for encouraging me to get back on the right track! I look forward to running a marathon in the future. Hopefully with someone as inspiring as you.

Bobbie Jo

The Color Run 5k

I know I have not posted in a while! I broke my foot and lost all motivation for a few weeks. In the beginning of May I ran my first 5k since the break. It was my first time running at all! I ran it in 39:52 which to me was so awful because before I broke my foot I was running 8 minute miles! I had someone watch my baby so I could run it without a stroller. Although the run didnt feel all that great, I was still happy to have gotten the run complete!

Over this past weekend I ran The Color Run and it really is the #Happiest5k! I ran WITH a stroller and this run had some serious HILLS! My time was around 33 minutes!! I was so proud to know this because I felt as if i was stuck behind slow pokes for a lot of the run! I felt great! The run was super fast I didnt even realize it was over until i looked around and no one was running anymore! I cant wait for the next one!