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Do you challengeville?

A friend of mine on instagram told be about a program called Challengeville. At first I was so confused as to what it was, but once i learned, I was so excited and just had to join!
Challengeville is a program started by Bart Pierce (read his story here!) where each individual selects their challenge distance and runs those miles within that month. It doesn't have to be all in one run, just within that month. I signed up for the first and "easiest" challenge of 26.5 miles for the month of September 2016.

When the first of the month started, I was finishing my mile a day challenge and starting my 2 Mile every other day challenge. Throughout the month I was able to complete this challenge by running my 2 miles every other day, running a mile on my off day and occasionally running a little more than 2 miles!

I was able to run 33 Miles in the month of September!

I even got a finisher certificate!

Now for the month of October I have signed up for the next challenge, The Timefighter - 48 miles!

You can sign up for a challengeville challenge here but you have to do it before the beginning of the month!


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