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The Color Run 5k

I know I have not posted in a while! I broke my foot and lost all motivation for a few weeks. In the beginning of May I ran my first 5k since the break. It was my first time running at all! I ran it in 39:52 which to me was so awful because before I broke my foot I was running 8 minute miles! I had someone watch my baby so I could run it without a stroller. Although the run didnt feel all that great, I was still happy to have gotten the run complete!

Over this past weekend I ran The Color Run and it really is the #Happiest5k! I ran WITH a stroller and this run had some serious HILLS! My time was around 33 minutes!! I was so proud to know this because I felt as if i was stuck behind slow pokes for a lot of the run! I felt great! The run was super fast I didnt even realize it was over until i looked around and no one was running anymore! I cant wait for the next one!

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