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6 mile run

I have not been running too much lately and I am very upset about it, but I started back running a couple days ago and I still plan to do a marathon before the year is up! I have a couple 5ks scheduled for next month that I'm so looking forward to! One is a color run and the other is a glow run!
A couple days ago, Liz over at  New Mom Body motivated me to do some marathon training with her. I did 6 miles today, which is a HUGE deal for me! I have to admit, I walked more than i care to admit, but I did it! I completed 6 miles. I thought for sure I could at least average a 10 minute mile, but instead I averaged a 15 minute mile and finished my 6 miles in 1:30 exactly. I wanted to give up so badly but I didnt. At mile 2, and mile 4 I wanted to just go home and sit in my air conditioning. I wanted to give up, but I kept hearing a voice in my head saying "don't give up, you'll regret it"...or maybe that was my husband who was running with me, encouraging me the whole time. I agreed to do this with Liz, and for me, when I make a commitment I have to stick with it no matter what! I owed it to her, I told her I'd do it! Thanks Liz so much for encouraging me to get back on the right track! I look forward to running a marathon in the future. Hopefully with someone as inspiring as you.

Bobbie Jo

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  1. Love that you are so motivated!! Thank you for sharing :)