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A Mile A Day for 30 Days

Hello everyone! IM BACK! I had my second (and last) baby August 2015, and took a year to focus on breastfeeding. Now that the year of breastfeeding is up, I'm back to my running! I cant wait to run a FULL marathon, but look forward to my races along the way! On August 6th i started the 30 day mile challenge that I have featured on here in the past, where I run a mile a day for 30 days. Today I am on day 17! My time has been improving but unfortunately I've been suffering through a weak body which I'm in the process of working with my doctors and testing to figure out whats going on! In the mean time, I'm just trying my best to keep my motivation and complete this challenge! If you're interested in joining this challenge, let me know! I have a small private group of 16ish ladies that are doing this challenge with me! They are all on different days but extremely motivated! I'm lucky enough to have my friend Kimberly to have started this the same day as me and she has been awesome through it all. Follow me on instagram for the daily updates!

I always like to kick start my fitness with a mile a day for 30 day challenge. It helps me become commited, start a routine, and get my body ready for running. Check out what I've done so far:

A photo posted by Bobbie Jo (@frompregnanttomarathon) on

A photo posted by Bobbie Jo (@frompregnanttomarathon) on

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I was able to finish my 30 days strong! never missed a day and now excited to start my next challenge!


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