"A ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what it is built for"

My run with 'Morgan Freeman'

Today i took my time with my run. I did a lot of walking but i also did a lot of running. I have a jogging stroller that was given to me but after running with it im convinced that it had been left in a drive way and run over by a car. It pulls to the left so i have one weak and sore arm. 
Today i ran on a track by my house and passed an older man that I can only describe as Morgan Freeman. He looked the part and even sounded like him. He was walking along, but didnt seem in a hurry. As i passed
him for the first time I gave him a friendly "Good Morning". He seemed shocked and pleased and responded the same. I continued on for quite a few more laps and passed him a few more times, headphones in, lost in space thinking about dinner plans, business orders, blog posts, and anything else requiring my attention when i got home. The last time i was to pass him i was doing my "cool down" and was just fast enough to catch up with him one last time. As i "pulled up" next to him, i smiled and asked in my most serious but friendliest tone "Training for a marathon too?" He glanced over to me, again, seeming shocked, like he didnt quite understand what I had just said to him. Obviously this was a joke considering he was walking with no sense of urgency the whole time i was there. To my relief he then busted out laughing. "No, no -- i'm just tryna keep on goin' "
 I then passed him and finished my lap, loaded up the car, and went on home. Have you ever made and older person laugh? Its a great feeling. I look at older folks and see some of the wisest, friendliest and genuine people. They appreciate honesty, respect, and acknowledgement from us young wipper snappers. There will never be another generation like them and i want to appreciate and learn from them as much as i can while i can. I dont know why this man touched my thoughts so much but he remained in my thoughts all day. I was so proud of him for what he was doing. I cant help but wonder if i will see him more often if ever again when i go to the track... 

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