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Running Chics Product Review

I had an AMAZING opportunity to do a product review for the company Running Chics. I have been eyeing this company since last year, and I think this has to be one of my most favorite reviews.

The great thing about this company, is that hey have different products, with different chics (You pick your chic!!)!
 Here are a couple of my favorite:

For this review, I received the Stretch Flex - Long Running Pant with Marathon Running Chics!
Stretch Flex - Long Running Pants

I chose the Marathon Running Chics, and I got the pants with them on the leg!

I was so excited about them that I tried them on the minute they came in the mail, and I ended up just wearing them all day! They are sooooooooo comfortable! Ok, so maybe they're made for running in, but I couln't help myself. They are lounge-worthy! They are 90% nylon and 10% spandex jersey knit pant. Can I have all my clothes made out of this, please? They advertise freedom of movement, and i couldn't agree more! I can do the splits in these and there is no pulling! They move with me.
I did, however, take these for a run. The legs are a little bit long for my legs, so as I run they rub against the ground a little. It's not noticeable to me while running, but they may get wet.
They are so comfortable to run in. They hold everything in place and provide the comfort that I would want in a running pant.
I also got this amazing sticker and tote! I loved everything about my experience with this company!

I definitely plan to wear these in many races in the future.

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  1. This is so cute! I love the design right above your shoe! :) Thank you for sharing!!